What kind of prom dress should a short girl wear?

Prom dress for short girls is a never-ending debate. Some people think that short girls shouldn’t wear long prom dresses, but prom dresses tend to be on a figure-by-figure basis. Besides this, every dress is not made for all the body types, and surely there are prom dresses tailor-made for the petite. Moreover, every girl deserves to enjoy the rite of passage, and wearing a beautiful figure-flattering gown, short girls can also look as great as someone who is tall. However, before wearing prom, short girls should follow some tips to get the adorable look they deserve.

So, if you are still shy from wearing a prom, below are the tips to help you think out of the box. Let’s dive straight into it.

Consider the style you want:

As there are numerous options available, shopping for a prom dress can be overwhelming. However, if you have the exact idea of what you have to wear, this process can be stress-free.

As prom dresses tend to be on a figure-to-figure basis, girls usually prefer the dress that flatters their figure. But, for a short girl, a full skirt can often be a misfit and an empire waist is most suitable. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t wear a full skirt. If you are below 5.4 but have a heart set on one, wearing a tight and fitted number will make you look gorgeous.

Besides this, there are some other important things you need to consider. For example, your budget, color, and personal style. These are the factors that are likely to make the whole process hassle-free, and sorting out these things will help you show off your personality and make you feel comfortable on the big day.

Focus On the Neckline:

When it comes to choosing the best prom dress for a short girl, do not forget about the neckline. It is one of the most important elements that play a vital role in flattering you from head to toe.

A prom dress with an interesting neckline is all you need to add to figure flattery and bring attention up toward your face. And here at, formaldressuk.com you can buy the prom dress online with a variety of neckline styles, including:

V neck

V Neck Short Formal Dress Online Australia

As most of the short girls have shorter necks, V-neck prom helps you create the illusion and make your neck look longer.

Off the shoulder

Off the Shoulder Blue Formal Dress

Off-shoulder is not only trendy but is also one of the most flattering necklines for short girls. Particularly for girls that have to appear in shape, off-shoulder is perfect as it creates balance.

Sweetheart's neck

white formal dress

Sweetheart's neck is best suited for girls with a full chest as this neckline draws attention to your face by accentuating your assets.

However, We offer plenty of other options as well, and whether you are looking for classic, modern, or fancy, you can get all the styles here with a few clicks.